We create timeless pieces that make a difference. Based in Peckham & East London, ONBL clothing is made for those who want to improve humanity and look great doing it. From the soft, quality fabrics to the mindful craftsmanship, our pieces inspire individuals to Owe Nothing But Love.  


Our label emerged from a deep motivation to change the world. The phrase ‘owe nothing but love’ resonated with me when my brother heard it at a sermon. In the scripture Romans 13:8, God says that it should be a law to Owe Nothing But Love. This therefore means that no matter a persons values, beliefs, sex or cultural background, it should be our duty to owe them nothing but love. We are firm believers that the world would be a better place if everyone followed ONBL as a principle and guideline. 


Growing up in Peckham, I bore witness to a lot of the world’s darkness: knife crime, toxicity, discrimination, and homelessness infiltrating the streets. I felt like my life was constantly in survival mode. All of that changed after I left my state school and began meeting people from different walks of life. I learned to embrace originality, vulnerability, and alternative beliefs. This new era in my life instilled my passion for social impact. I began dreaming of a world where owing nothing but love was a given. 


After receiving my brother’s blessing to take the idea further, we paired up to reimagine ONBL. We decided that we wanted to create love in the form of fashion, and let that be the centre of our designs. ONBL’s design journey began in a material shop. We sought out the materials that we believed felt the most like love; the ones that were as soft and comforting as a hug. 


After that … we were stuck. We didn’t know how to draw or sew, but we were determined to build something magical. We began searching for a solution, and soon after a miracle came to us. A kind African grandma connected us with a local seamstress who could teach us the fundamentals of fashion design. We worked with the seamstress for hours on end, creating sample after sample until we finally made the perfect product. 


Our design process probably isn’t the traditional method that fashion designers use, but breaking the mold is what we’re here for. We still follow the mindful practices our seamstress taught us to ensure we’re picking the best fabrics on the market and eliminating waste. As a new brand, we’re constantly evolving our production process but we’re dedicated to using a method that has the positive impact synonymous with ONBL. 

We welcome you to join our social movement in style.