Based in London, ONBL creates timeless pieces for the modern man and woman.

In 2017, we founded ONBL after being inspired by one idea. That we should ‘owe nothing but love’ (Romans 13:8). ONBL is about reaching out to others with love, inspiring hope over fear, kindness over hate, and peace over war. We strive to create a movement; a community based around love. To owe love means to reach out to others with trust and kindness. To rescind prejudice, spread love, and fight hate.
To owe love is an almost unheard-of concept. But at heart, all it truly means is that the least we can do is love. We should love our neighbours, our friends, and even our enemies. It means that we all deserve love. Without exception. If you believe you deserve love, then you must also owe love.
The world is full of hatred, fear, and mistrust. ONBL is a counter to this. We’re about reaching out to everyone, regardless of our differences. ONBL can be as big as saving a life, or as small as a hug. ONBL is leading the way to a world where love overcomes hate.
Our story isn’t over yet, in fact, it is still just beginning. But, we hope that at the end of it, to ‘owe nothing but love’ is no longer an alien concept, but a given in life.